Vet Women And Their Specific Challenges

In addition to the general problems faced by veterans, women vets face additional specific challenges during and after completing their military service. The services set up for females to counter these challenges are often inadequate and several issues linger unresolved. Also check the general challenges all veterans face after completing service.

Some of the more pressing ones are listed below.

1. Lack Of Special Medical Care

officer is checking her colleagues wound

Several of the VA’s medical facilities across the US do not have proper infrastructure for gynaecology and obstetrics. Even though some have the infrastructure, they lack gynaecologists. The special equipment needed to treat and diagnose female veterans are also missing.

In the light of increasing demands, the VA has improved medical services catering to females remarkably over the last few years, and the situation seems to improve.

2. Military Sexual Trauma (MSTs)

The growing proportion of MSTs that female soldiers have had to go through in recent years has raised severe challenges to the military itself. In the form of harassment, sexual abuse and rape, 20% of the female veterans have reported positive for MSTs in VA health care screenings. A large proportion of the VA aid centres are unequipped to provide aid to MSTs.

To get aid for MST related troubles and issues, you can approach the MST coordinator in any VA facility. You can have access to free treatment and counselling related to MSTs as offered by the VA.

3. Female Specific Care for Disabled Veterans

soldier walking together

There is a serious lack of female specific care for disabled female veterans. Scarcity of prosthetics curated for female veterans, and a dearth of aid facilities for female specific mental health are just two to name from a long list.

The VA itself has ramped up its efforts into providing better care for female veterans, and the efforts have been increasingly fruitful.

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