Why Should Vets Go Back To School?

After completing military service, as a veteran you need to adjust back to civilian life. Initially, the entire process might seem challenging without clear motivation at times. However, settling back into a civilian lifestyle isn’t as hard as it may seem, provided you have a supporting community and family. You can find such a supporting community in an academic setting.

Veterans can benefit from the GI bill which allows for three years of education finance. Further, job prospects are never diminished even if you are disabled in accordance to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) given you have the appropriate education for the job you are vying for.

The myriad benefits of joining an academic institution for you as a veteran can be closely noted.

Better Job Prospects

soldier is studying eagerly

Studies have shown that veterans who have completed any form of university education with a degree, earn much higher than ones with a high school degree alone. This income disparity is higher if you are a disabled veteran with only a high school degree.

In the current job market where individuals with specific skill sets are given more opportunities, pursuing higher education can help you land a job where you can explore your passion rather than simply sticking to something you do not necessarily want to do. Check the best referral programs for veterans in the US.

A Platform For Transition Into Society       

After you have returned from the battlefield, transitioning into civilian life may not be easy, especially when you have faced combat and causes that are demanding and purpose-driven while in service. An academic setting can just be the right place to meet new people, make new friends, and get suited to everyday life.

veteran student studying together

You can also get help from other GI comrades that are or have attended university to find common grounds of understanding. This will also help you better comprehend your own state of mind, and discover what you love at best, and indeed yourself.

A large number of schools have programs tailored for veterans in accordance to what you would need to be part of an evolving workforce. The university setting provides a strong community for building trust and interaction and helps you transcend into civilian life with ease.

Rediscover Your Passions

Most young soldiers that go into service have little to no idea of what they would pursue in their later life. As a veteran you are now equipped with choices and have an ample amount of time to explore what you like and what you would want to refrain from.

Fields that were not as appealing to you when you were younger, might just tinker with your taste after completing military service. You can explore what you truly like and discover yourself.

Veterans can easily have access to several military aids for college in addition to the benefits of the GI bill. Specific scholarships, grants and loans are available to veterans. However, there are a lot of scams going around veteran education. To avoid these, stick closely to the recommendation of the Veteran’s Agency in utilising you GI bill funds.

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