You Are Not Alone, Vets Helping Vets Program In The US?

None can understand what a veteran is going through better than another. The common ground of the battlefield inculcates a close understanding between veterans. And therefore, nothing is more inspiring when veterans extend themselves to their comrades.

As a veteran, you are not alone. The bond you shared in the battlefield is strong enough bring out the best in your mates to come to your aid. There are numerous agencies, NGOs and the VA itself that promotes such an organisation and helps ease any of the challenges you might be facing. Check out these problems that you might be facing.

Vets Helping Vets HQ

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The main objective of this organization is to provide help to veterans, and their family in seeking benefits from the Veteran’s Administration in addition to providing veterans financial and material help at no charge to veterans or to any relatives. It tries to promote self-dependency for veterans by empowering themselves with financial and educational aid to help foster a sustainable future.

Trained advocates guide you into understanding the possible clauses they you can include in your claims to the Veteran’s Administration in order toreap the maximum benefits offered by the state. You can also obtain disability ratings through accredited Veteran’s Service Officer as evidence to support your claim to the VA.

Their services help you attain amenities like that of safe drinking water, mobile devices for the disabled, and even establishment of ramps at your home in your locality.

National Veterans Foundation

“No one left behind” – as their moto suggests, the National Veteran’s Foundation is a one off Nationwide organisation that helps veterans face their problems with assistance from other veterans from the armed services. They strongly believe in the fact that a veteran’s troubles are better comprehended by a fellow veteran who has been through the rigors of a battlefield.

They run a very sincere public awareness program to help others understand the basic needs of a veteran, and the dynamics of the entire situation as such. They also operate and the manage the country’s only toll-free helpline for veterans and families in order to meet your referral needs.

Further, their assistance programs can provide veterans with basic amenities like food and clothing in addition to helping them find employment. They also focus on providing personal and professional support to female veterans. Their efforts have helped curb veteran suicides as well.

Veterans Helping Veterans Of America, Inc.

As an informational resource centre for veterans, they can help you settle into civilian life keeping in mind your preferred place of residence and the kind of problems you are going through.

They extend their family support services to providing crucial information on federal and state social services and assistance on finding new housing facilities. They have a database where you can find local jobs in accordance to your skill set. They also offer valuable information on veteran classes, seminars and workshops to improve your chances of getting employed.

Vets Helping Vets SWMI

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The Vets helping Vets SWMI has helped develop a close-knit community of cooperation and support from fellow veterans into helping veterans in need of food, furniture or household items through voluntary contributions of others. They specifically support and guide the politically under-represented section of veterans and help them attain sustenance.

They have also played a crucial role in fending homelessness for veterans of the society and have guided several people in the Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties. The number of people in the need of help has ever been increasing and Vets Helping Vets SWMI have been consistently proactive in their efforts to help settle and relocate these veterans.

Although founded by a group of veterans belonging to the Vietnam era, they constantly keep track of what new age veterans require and the problems facing them.

Well-off veterans have constantly been very open minded and welcoming of any initiative that can see them help other veterans who are in need of support. This healthy ecosystem has in turn helped foster different initiatives in cooperation with the US Department of Veteran Affairs. Veteran Welfare has also become an important agenda for politicians and the country is steadily moving ahead in delivering a hopeful future for veterans with different backgrounds.