Freedom Veterans of America

Freedom Veterans of America is a charitable veterans services non-profit organization that has been developed for the supportive nature of ever growing problems that military members, veterans and their family face. Over the years, Freedom Veterans of America has developed and continues to develop programs and services that will have a real impact on lives. Our ongoing efforts to help the military community include:

Homeless Veteran Program, finds and relocates homeless veterans to temporary shelters, homes and also provides them with food assistance.

Veterans Home Remodeling Program, assist with remodeling of homes, general up keep, accessibility issues for disabled veterans, as well as other general household problems. This program is specifically geared to senior citizen and disabled veterans that are under the poverty income level and are unable to pay or perform they above services

Veterans Giving Program, provides financial support for mortgage, rent, utilities, groceries and fuel cards to help look for employment or to commute to work and from work, until finances are balanced.

Medical & Mental Health Program, helps veterans and their family (spouse and children) receive medical and mental health services.

Veterans Recreational Program, brings veterans and their families together. Through social interactions at these events veterans and their family develop life-long friendship and support is provided well after the event, letting them know they are not alone.

Freedom Veterans of America is reaching out to as many veterans and military personnel as possible, with job placement, education benefits, VA Benefits claims, medical and mental health benefits, and much more! FVA also has many programs in place that reach out to help military families.

Explore the site and find out more about Freedom Veterans of America and what you can do to help our military community.


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